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The 'REAL' Brides of Brisbane 

The Real Brides of Brisbane campaign idea had been in the works for a few months before officially launched in July 2021. As Brides of Brisbane is still a fairly new store we really wanted to create something that would represent our brand and what it stands for. The photo shoot allowed us to celebrate real women and their body positivity whilst also showing off some of our beautiful gowns that we have in store too.

Women of all backgrounds, sizes and ethnicities get engaged every day and they all dream of finding a dress that makes them feel beautiful and confident. However, sometimes the journey to finding the 'one' can feel overwhelming and emotionally draining, especially in today's world where we are surrounded by so many different resources and platforms to endlessly scroll gown inspiration that unfortunately doesn't always reflect your everyday 'real women.

At Brides of Brisbane we do believe there is a perfect dress for every woman and we believe the process to finding it should be filled with fun, laughter, positivity and self love. 

The first step for us was to engage with real women through social media, some already married, some still brides to be and some that were not yet engaged. We encouraged our followers of all ages, sizes and cultural backgrounds to reach out if they would be interested in being part of a 'Real Women' campaign. 

The response we received was incredible, we were so overjoyed at how many women wanted to take part and embrace body positivity in bridal fashion. 

After starting on such a high, everything else seemed to fall into place. 


Venue - The Greek Club, West End 

Photographer - Still Wild Love 

Photographer Assistant - Captured in Fragments 

Make up artists - Courtney Houston, Carly Frew, Elizabeth Crossley 

Florist - Run Wild Flora 

Models - Beautiful everyday women from Brisbane 

1_bobbrides89 (2).jpg

We explained to our lovely photographer that we really wanted the shoot to be quite natural, showing our models just enjoying the moment and embracing other women they had met that day. They both really took this on board and were amazing at making the models feel comfortable  and captured their smiles and laughter beautifully. 

"The photographer made it so easy for us to know how to pose and make us feel like a model"

2_bobbrides94 (1).jpg

Some of our models were asked - what makes the perfect wedding dress? 

"Something you can eat in, something you feel great in and a little sparkle doesn't hurt too"

"The perfect dress for me would be something tight and lacey, all eyes on me for my wedding" 

2_bobbrides116 (1).jpg

During the lead up to the shoot we offered the opportunity to ask the Brides of Brisbane team questions about the shoot and our roles. Some of our lovely social media followers asked


What is it really like being a bridal stylist?

"Being a bridal stylists allows you to meet some really amazing people, it is a really unique retail experience for the stylist and the bride as you get to know them a lot during their time on the store. 

It is certainly a challenging role at times, it takes patience and a lot of enthusiasm, but it is incredibly rewarding being part of the brides journey and sharing the moment where they find 'the one' is really special, no matter how many times you do it"

3_bobbrides69 (1).jpg
3_bobbrides28 (1).jpg
2_bobbrides110 (1).jpg
3_bobbrides109 (1).jpg

What was the inspiration behind the 'Real' Brides of Brisbane photo shoot?

In short - the beautiful women and brides-to be that we meet everyday!

However, the store had technically only been officially open under 'Brides of Brisbane' since July 2020 after the original Jack Sullivan and Brides Desire studio was revamped during Covid and therefore a store photo shoot had been something discussed many times since the opening. We had often spoken as a team about how we wanted to represent 'our' brides and we wanted to really show off the beautiful range of gowns we had to offer in all sizes. 

The store is often filled with laughter, smiles, tears (happy ones) and self love and this is what we wanted the shoot to be all about!

2_bobbrides113 (1).jpg
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