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Heidi & Mac

18th June 2021

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The Love Story

Heidi and Mac met while Heidi was doing a university exchange in New York. She and Mac lived on the same floor and instantly became friends. What then started as a holiday fling, soon became more serious when Mac made the decision to travel back to Australia with Heidi.

Heidi and Mac went on to spend some time living apart in separate countries which was tough on them both. However, by this point they knew they had something special, and Mac was already planning on moving to Australia permanently.

5 years after meeting, Mac proposed at a beautiful Coolangatta beach, followed by an amazing helicopter ride over the Gold Coast to celebrate.

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The Wedding

They chose a stunning Noosa beach location for their wedding ceremony, with reception at Noosa Waterfront Restaurant. Unfortunately Mac’s family were not able to make it to the wedding due to COVID. But they still described their day as perfect.  

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The Dress

'Billie' - By Jack Sullivan Bridal 

"I chose the Jack Sullivan Billie dress. This dress worked so well for me because it pulled me in at the waist and accentuated perfectly as it fell. I couldn't choose between the flowy dress or the more tight fitted skirt but ended up going flowy for comfort and am so glad I did. My advice for other brides is once you think you've found the dress, stop looking. I fell in love with my dress early on in the shopping experience but kept looking anyway just 'to be sure.' Every shop after that was pointless as I already had my heart set and so I finally went back and bought it. Shaunagh at Brides of Brisbane was amazing - gave us the distance to explore ourselves but helped us when we required it. I found her suggestions honest and extremely helpful. Jack Sullivan also gave me 10% off my dress and free customisation after going to his Designer Day. Would recommend doing that if you can for your dress to save some money."

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