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Hannah & Zac

8th April 2021


The Love Story

Zac and Hannah knew of each other when they were children, but it wasn't until they were in their mid-twenties that Zac asked Hannah to hang out. He was working the mines in North Queensland and Hannah was living on the Sunshine Coast. When both of their families found out they were interested in each other, everyone was excited. Zac's mother passed away a few years ago, but one of her heart's desires and prayers was that one of her Bestmann boys would marry one of the Daniell girls!


"And so that's how God wrote our love story."

The day of the proposal, Zac took Hannah to his Dad's large property in Kenilworth and he had a canopy with a picnic of cheese, fruits and wine. Flaming torches surrounded the canopy and underneath hung fairy lights. He went down on one knee and asked "Would you marry me, Hannah?"


"But he was so choked up, he started crying. I didn't exactly hear what he said, so I had to ask again! I said YES! And then he told me he had a surprise for me. He went down to the bottom of the hill and all of a sudden, rockets soared through the night sky! We had fireworks to celebrate our love and commitment."


The Dress

'Kelsey' - Brides Desire by Wendy Sullivan

"I first looked at Brides of Brisbane on the website to look for dresses and book an appointment. When I walked in, the place was beautiful and the girls so friendly. It was the most lovely display of dresses than any of the other bridal shops I visited. My dress was the last one I selected to try on; it was a halter neck and just what I was after and what I had in mind before I cam to Brides of Brisbane. I had brought my entourage of Aunties to help me find the 'right' one. And when I had donned the dress and moved past the curtains, all my Aunties in waiting stood up with 'gasps' and started taking a million photos of the dress. It was a simple ivory gown, but incredibly stunning to wear. I felt like a Queen, and that's what all brides should feel about their dresses."


Advice for other brides?

"Sometimes the dress you least expect to 'look nice on' will take your breath away. My husband couldn't take his eyes off of me."


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